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GIF Image Morphing Filters

Morphing filters are the unique feature of the Gif4J PRO which lets you to create amazing GIF animations, image tours and banners without any additional coding. There are 7 base morphing filters with more than 20 morphing options. To apply the specified filter to a gif frame you just need to create an instance (or use already created - you can apply one filter's instance to any number of gif frames) of the selected filter (please consult Morphing Filters Java API for more information) and add a GifFrame to a GifImage using one of the next methods:

    public GifImage addGifFrame(GifFrame frame, MorphingFilter filter
    public GifImage addGifFrame(GifFrame frame, MorphingFilter filter, Watermark watermark

Below examples demostrate morphing filters in action (see examples/MorphingFilters and examples/MorphingImageTours):








(Cell and Curtain filters have been used)

(Mill, Mozaic and Tunnel filters have been used)

(Snake filter with different options has been used)

Note: For every filter you can specify 'delay time between frames' parameter (in 1/100 seconds). Default delay is equal to 10. To do a gif animation smoother please specify this parameter small but note that some gif viewers and browsers (including Microsoft IE) can ignore very small delay between frames. Experience has shown that, for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer ignores delay between frames less than 6 and in this case uses own default delay. So if you want to get the fastest gif animation then set the delay to 6.

Note: Morphing filtering is based on fragmentation one gif frame to several and it increases the total number of gif frames greatly. As you know by default every output gif frame has own local color table which can take up to 768 bytes in the result file. To prevent this process encode the GifImage with "force global color table usage" option (see GifEncoder class API for more information).

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