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Gif4J PRO Overview

The professional edition of the Gif4J Java GIF imaging library offers the most comprehensive Java-based GIF image processing solution for imaging professionals.

Using the Gif4J PRO you can:

The Gif4J PRO has also the next features and advantages:

  • Simplicity of use: the Gif4J PRO undertakes lots of analyzing, converting and preprocessing image operations. For example, to encode any BufferedImage instance you need to write only one line of a code and it's not necessary to think of instance's type, size, color model, transparency etc.
  • The Gif4J PRO is profiled to the extreme speed: all algorithms' implementations are carefully designed and coded for maximum performance; the library is thread-safe; there is an embedded object pool system to optimize memory use and prevent often GC running.
  • Absolute and relative internal gif frame positioning: set the position of an immediate frame inside the general GIF image logical screen by providing absolute position or layout constraint (for example, left-top, bottom-center etc.).
  • Resize strategies: the Gif4J PRO undertakes to control general image size (take into consideration all internal frames' size and their positions) using one of the predefined resize strategies.
  • Morphing filters: 7 GIF image morphing filters with more than 20 morphing options lets you create amazing GIF animations, image tours and banners without any additional coding.
  • "Force global color table" feature: by default to provide better quality every GIF frame has own suite of unique colors (so called "Local Color Table"). To optimize the final GIF file size (every table takes up to 756 bytes) these tables can be unite to one global color table using the embedded special edition of the Gif4J quantizer.

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