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Gif4J LIGHT Java GIF Encoder Overview

The light edition of the Gif4J Java GIF imaging library is the fast, easy-to-use and royalty-free* java-based GIF encoder with the embedded java color quantizer to save images as animated and non-animated GIFs.
The footprint is just over 20K and it is compatible with Java 1.1 and later.
* Gif4J Light for Java offers royalty-free distribution of applets and stand-alone end-user java applications

Gif4J LIGHT Java GIF Encoder vs existing (mostly open-source) solutions

Please answer the next questions:

  • Have you ever received too many colors for a GIF exceptions? -

    "YES" means that the being used GIF encoder doesn't contain any java color quantizer for reducing number of unique colors down to 256 or less (GIF format supports for any number of colors between 2 and 256).

    If the answer is "NO" then please try to encode one of our true-color test images from Java-based color quantizers testing page, compare results and answer this question again.

    Note: Gif4J LIGHT Java GIF Encoder contains the light edition of the fastest, most intelligent and qualitative Gif4J java color quantizer.

  • Can you generate animated GIF files by combining several images? -

    Gif4J LIGHT Java GIF Encoder supports both animated and non-animated GIF files generation.

  • Can you easily control GIF animation aspects? -

    With Gif4J LIGHT Java GIF Encoder you can: easily position internal gif frames (absolute and relative positionings are supported), set frame's disposal method and interlace flag, set delays between frames, control general image size using resize strategies, set number of animation iterations etc.

  • Can you add ASCII textual comments to GIF images? -

    Gif4J LIGHT Java GIF Encoder lets you add any number of ASCII textual comments to GIF images.

  • Are you satisfied with the existing encoding speed? -

    Gif4J LIGHT algorithms' implementations are carefully designed and coded for maximum performance. Gif4J LIGHT Java GIF Encoder is up to 10 (and even more) times faster as the so popular acme GIF Encoder.

  • Can you control the output GIF file size and quality? -

    By default to provide better quality Gif4J LIGHT encodes every GIF frame with an own suite of unique colors (so called "Local Color Table"). To optimize the final GIF file size (every table takes up to 756 bytes) Gif4J LIGHT can unite these tables to one global color table using the embedded special edition of the Gif4J quantizer.

  • Do you have any support? -

    Gif4J LIGHT Java GIF Encoder is coming with 3 month of free technical support via e-mail and major and minor updates!

We hope that this small survey lets you make the right decision!

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