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Gif4J Products FAQ > Licensing & Ordering

Question Add Date
How is the Gif4J PRO licensed? 13 Oct 2004
When do I need Middleware License? 13 Oct 2004
Which the Gif4J license(s) do I need? 16 Dec 2004
How do I purchase the Gif4J products license(s)? 15 Dec 2004
When do I receive my purchased full version? 16 Dec 2004
What is Gif4J software upgrade policy? 13 Oct 2004
How is the Gif4J LIGHT licensed? 17 Dec 2004

How is the Gif4J LIGHT licensed?

The Gif4J LIGHT has two types of licenses: development licences for application development and deployment licences for application distribution and deployment.

The next development licenses are available to order:

Personal Developer License:
Grants to download and install one copy of the Gif4J LIGHT for use only for the purpose of development and only by one individual (individual business or private company with no developers-employees) on a single computer.

Site Developer License:
Grants all developers of one company/organization who are located in one physical location to use the Gif4J LIGHT for the purpose of development.

Note: Both Gif4J LIGHT development licenses offer royalty-free distribution of applets and stand-alone end-user java applications.

Note: Site Developer License does not cover the use of the Gif4J LIGHT by your contractors if you outsource part of the project: if the contractor is a separate company/organization, they must buy their own license.

The next deployment licenses are available to order:

JVM Runtime License:
Allows to distribute and install(deploy) the Gif4J PRO on one Java Virtual machine per license. These licences are transferable to customers or other third parties, which means that if the customer or other third party acquires a certain number of licences for the Gif4J LIGHT software-based applications from the licensee, the respective number of runtime licences are transferred to the customer.
Note: Under this license you can deploy Gif4J LIGHT-based applications to a server platform.

- free application deployment on any number of desktop or notebook computer;
- one JVM Runtime License per single web application if it is run within a single JVM (private JVM);
- one JVM Runtime License per plenty of web applications if they all are run within a single JVM (shared JVM).

Unlimited Runtime (OEM) & Middleware Licenses:
If you would like to buy Unlimited Runtime License (OEM License) or Middleware License (see Middleware question) then contact us with a brief summary of your product and we'll give you a quote.

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