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Welcome to Gif4J Software - a leading provider of powerful and high-performance
GIF image processing solutions for the JavaTM platform.

Gif4J Library is a Java class library that provides a comprehensive set of powerful and high-performance functionality for managing animated and non-animated GIF images.

The Gif4J Java GIF imaging library is available in two versions:

Gif4J java class library (Professional Edition)

The professional edition of the Gif4J Java GIF imaging library offers the most comprehensive GIF image processing solution for imaging professionals.

Using Gif4J PRO you can:
Gif4J java class library (Light Edition)

The light edition of the Gif4J Java GIF imaging library is the fast, easy-to-use and royalty-free* java-based GIF encoder with the embedded java color quantizer to save images as animated and non-animated GIFs.
The footprint is just over 20K and it is compatible with Java 1.1 and later.
* Gif4J Light offers royalty-free distribution of applets and stand-alone end-user java applications


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